Using images to present the content in content marketing is nothing new. Among ways making the content more eye-catching, infographic is currently the most popular.

Simply, infographic is a form of content marketing using images, graphs,… instead of words. But creating an infographic is a lot more complicated than that. Infographic maker should know how to simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience. Take a look at some critical tips for the success of an infographic.

1. Suitable and reliable content

Invest time to find out which information is about to used in your infographic. Do not try to put irrelevant information, whatever how cool they are.

Infographic should provide valuable information to the target audience. Therefore, the content of an infographic must not be outdated.14

2. Do not just follow the traditional graphs

Although the traditional graphs present the information visually, they may become too boring.

Use your creativity to create more unique way. In case of need, you can use graphics to change the face of the traditional graphs.

3. Do not use available clip arts

Your infographic has not viral anymore if you use the clip art or the template that everyone can download, because most likely your target audience has repeatedly seen them.

Using self-designed clip arts will increase the professionalism and the prestige of your marketing activities, as well as the enjoyment of the public.13

4. Sufficient detail

You should not use too few colors, images, or patterns that make your infographic become monotonous. Conversely, if you use them too much, your inforgraphic will become glitzy and ineffective in communication.


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