A brand mascot can be humans, animals or other objects that are personified. The purpose of creating the mascot is to build trust and brand recognition. In this article, Grey Ants have compiled some useful information about how to design and use the mascot in their branding activities.

The mascot will be an instant brand recognition tool

First and foremost feature of a mascot is to be recognized and instant recall of the brand it represents. Such as Tony Tiger of the famous food company Kellogg, this mascot really highlights cereal packages on store shelves. So that, when designing a mascot for the brand, they must make it easy to get consumers to recognize, not necessarily have to be ornate or too careful about details.
The mascot should also be designed to have a certain sense and a positive feeling for the brand. This will be the reason for people to connect with brands increasingly more. As long as the character is alive and be blown personality into the brand, you know the design is on track.


Increasing brand awareness

Not necessarily to associate the entire corporate brand with a mascot. Sometimes, it’s easier to create a mascot for each company’s products. Meanwhile, a particular mascot helps to sell the product without having to connect to the parent company regularly. This may be a good thing if the company has many products or product lines of each brand are distinct.
A typical example of McDonald when they had golden arches logo, but also use the Ronald McDonald mascot throughout the decades. Each product is different so the value of a mascot also changes based on the message and the brand image of each product. Take the time to consider how a mascot will affect to each product and its necessity for all major brands.


Infuse soul into the brand

The mascot makes feeling ‘alive’ and even more fun and more attractive to the most consumers. The brand mascot can be used in billboards, print documents or videos. Remember the Energizer’s Bunny Bunny rabbit with features: pink, cheerful and easy to recognize – is the perfect metaphor for their battery products.


In addition, The Digital Era also makes the mascot appeared online – presence in the digital environment as websites. An effective mascot does not need to be widely recognized but just be recognized by who operate in the industry. The design of the brand mascot can be a big step in the marketing strategy of the company, not only created the cute cartoon characters.


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